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Phyx Injector APK is specially made for Mobile Legends Bang Bang players by which you can stay connected with players and keep playing with enjoyment. As you know this website always presents you with your needs like good injectors to make your gameplay better. Most applications need a payment process to give you premium features but we have also the best injectors like Phyx Injector APK that is free and that will also give you premium features for free like paid applications.

Furthermore, MLBB is a most popular game all around the globe and all players of MLBB want to play their game with a good gaming experience with the help of great features which helpful injectors like this Injector APK is providing you. With the help of this Injector APK, you can unlock expensive skin characters and maps. The characteristics of this are a stunning variety of weapons, guns, and many more.

What is a Phyx Injector?

This Injector APK is a great gift for all MLBB players which is only made for its users to get the advantage of its great features to make players’ gaming journey great for their incoming future. You can improve your game with the help of this application. This Injector APK will bring you many stunning features like unlocking weapons, unlocking skins, new maps, and more. You can try the NIX Injector which is also designed for MLBB players and lovers.

Feature Of Phyx Injector:

With the help of Phyx Injector APK, you can inject your ID and boost without any payment. Don’t let such free things like this Injector APK. So download it now and get an advantage of its premium features.

Unlock Battle Emotes

You can unlock emotes for your hero in the game.

Aim Lock

By this, you will be able to lock your aim on the enemy directly.

ML Skins

You can unlock all ML skins with this.

Unlock Characters

This will allow you to unlock heroes in your game.

Unlock Weapons

Get the advantage of unlocking weapons for your game with this.

New Maps

This will bring you new maps.

Auto Headshot

You will get the ability to lock your aim on directly enemies head.

Effect Respawn

Effect respawn is also available here.


This updated version will also bring you to effect elimination.

Aim Bot

This is most helpful to make your game easier.

Drone View

You can get a good view from this.

Upgraded Features Of Phyx Injector:

Select Rank

  • Warrior
  • Elite
  • Master
  • Grand Master
  • Epic

Show Menu

  • Unlock all Skin
  • Show Info

Esp Menu

  • Esp Line
  • Esp Box
  • Esp Player Name
  • Esp Distance
  • Esp Hero Name

Esp Monster

  • Monster Box
  • Monster Health
  • Monster Name


  • Fps Counter
  • High Fps

Damage Up

  • Damage Psycal (+) 5%
  • Damage Magic (+) 5%
  • Defence Psycal (+) 10%
  • Defence Magic (+) 10%

Is this safe to use?

It is doubtful to say that this is safe to use. Nowadays there are many ban issues occurring. In previous updates of this Injector APK, there is no ban complaint found but to be sure that is this safe for use you should try firstly on any other account. If you confirm there is safe or not you can apply this to your actual account. We don’t want you to get stuck at any ban issue because safety first.

How to Download & Install Phyx Injector?

You can download Phyx Injector APK from our website. After the successful download of the app, you have to give permission from your settings on your phone. After that, you can install the file and you will be able to use it.

Final words:

Phyx Injector APK is a useful thing for all MLBB players and lovers to improve their gameplay. All information about this Injector APK is shown here and we hope you are ready to download this APK. You can download the Phyx Injector APK from our trusted website. whenever Phyx Injector APK gets updated we will try to bring you the latest version of this on time.

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